Vincent Arroyo Winery recognized by Travel and Leisure

One of our favorite wineries on our Napa Valley Wine Tasting Trek, Vincent Arroyo, has just been recognized by Travel and Leisure as the No. 1 vineyard in Napa!  They are a small family winery that loves barrel tasting with our trekkers!

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Wildfire Update

We are happy to report that the winter rains are already starting to heal the scars of the terrible October fires. This is the same trail as in the post below, and, as you can see, is recovering beautifully. There are still a few trails with more extensive damage, but the majority of the trails

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Wildfire Status

Many thanks to all of you who have inquired how we are doing during these terrible wildfires.  We are happy to report that all of us safely evacuated our office and our homes and are staying with family and friends outside the fire zones. We have been very lucky, and so far all of our

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Jack London State Historic Park, US: The penultimate destination on Wine Country Trek from San Francisco

The Jack London State Historic Park, which the celebrated writer described as “130 acres of the most beautiful, primitive land to be found in California”, is still rich with memory. This is the penultimate destination on our 10-day, self-guided slackpacking Wine Country Trek from San Francisco into the Sonoma wine country.

The trek has taken

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Hiking California' San Andreas Fault from San Francisco: A luxury trek with just a little bit of terror

Nursing torn tendons in my foot and hand, we’re hiking 100 kilometres along California’s volatile San Andreas Fault, climbing and descending more than 3500 metres, ever alert for rattlesnakes, ticks, poison oak, sheer cliffs, earthquakes, tsunamis and mountain lions. Why on earth are we having so much fun?

Because it’s all about extremes, pain and

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