We will take care of all the details while you are on your trek, but there are a few things to consider as you plan your trek.

Which Trek

What a difficult choice!  Our signature trek, San Francisco to the Wine Country, has everything you could wish for.  It is a fantastic holiday, unique in the United States, walking from a major city into the vineyards of the wine country.  Nine nights and ten days of extraordinary nature, food, and wine guarantee a holiday experience that you will never forget!  Depending on your vacation schedule, you may want to consider a shorter trek.  Do you want more time hiking or more time wine tasting?   Which sights do you want to see?  Do you want to be near the ocean? Do you want to visit a redwood forest? Do you want to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge?  Please review our trek summaries, including our Compare Treks and Compare Trek Destinations chart, to help with your decision.

When to Trek

Many people ask us what the best season is to hike.  The San Francisco Bay Area weather is generally pleasant and temperate year round, but there are variations season to season.  Winters do not have ice or snow, but are often rainy and cold.  Summers almost always have morning fog that burns away to afternoon sunshine. Your summer day could begin in fog at 50°F (10°C), and the afternoon could change to bright sunshine and 90°F (32°C)!  Spring and autumn are more consistently the best hiking weather, with less chance of rain or fog.

If you like to hike when it is cooler, and don’t mind the risk of rain, then a winter or early spring trek could be perfect for you.  If you want to insure that you won’t have rain, then you should plan on a summer or early autumn trek.  Some trekkers prefer autumn in the Wine Country when the grapes are being picked and crushed.

See seasonal average temperatures and rainfall for each month.  Be aware that these are just averages and on your trek the weather may be very different!

Pre and Post Trek Logistics

San Francisco is our gateway city and has a major international airport.  Airport transfers are available to and from the start and finish of the treks.  When you purchase your trek, we will provide you with detailed information on transfer options.

If you are traveling by car, we will help arrange transport of your vehicle to the end of your trek and storage while you are on your trek.  Depending on the trek, this service may have an additional fee.

Preparing for your Trek

You will receive a detailed Planning Guide, both online and in the mail, when you purchase a trek which will tell you what you need to bring on your trek.  It will include details on restaurants, lodging, what to pack, local customs, and all the information you will need to prepare for and enjoy your trek.