Owner's Birthday Trek

Mary and Greg, two of the three owners of Wine Country Trekking are taking our San Francisco to the Wine Country Trek to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary and Greg’s birthday!  They started Sunday with a Giants game in San Francisco, where they picked up a Willie Mays bobblehead who is accompanying them on the trek.  Follow Greg and Mary as they trek from San Francisco to Glen Ellen!

2 years ago
Wine Country ‘trekking’ a great way to soak it in https://t.co/uNvCHKK2DH
3 years ago
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3 years ago
Happy to be hosting folks from the Outdoor Writers of California on this beautiful spring day! #outdoorwriters #winecountrytrekking #madronewinery #sonomacounty https://t.co/fZB1pJo53r WineCountryTrek photo
3 years ago
Day 8 of Greg’s Birthday Trek! Walking between wineries in our beautiful, burnt and wet park. Thanks for joining us on this journey! #trekwithwillie #itdoesntgetmoresf #winecountrytrekking #madronewinery #brcohn #oohandahh #sonomavalleyregionalpark https://t.co/EmuO0ulA2o WineCountryTrek photo