Runner's World: Breath Taking--It's the Ultimate Runner's Getaway

“…I’m here for an adventurous four-day, 42 mile run through Marin County, a place with a reputation for fearsome hills and arguably the country’s best trail running…The parks contain forests of towering redwoods, a coastline where elephant seals bellow on secluded beaches, and hills harboring Tule elk and half the bird species in North America…The complete route from Sausalito to Inverness will visit the extremes of rigor and decadence.  I’ll step out of a different lodge every day in my running shoes, carrying just water, a couple energy bars, and a light shell and, with the exception of a short cab ride to a trailhead on my third morning, run to the next nights’ accommodations while a taxi transports my luggage.  I’ll crank out nine to 12 miles a day, almost entirely on trail, with a calf-knotting couple thousand feet of cumulative vertical.  Every evening, I’ll plow through a five-star dinner and relax in luxurious digs…The trip was created for the author by Wine Country Trekking.”

From “Breath Taking–It’s the Ultimate Runner’s Getaway” in Runner’s World (June, 2009)
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